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Congratulations to everyone who participated, I hope you had fun and I'll see you again next year:D
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Sadly, we've reached the end of the 2 week challenge. You can continue leaving feedback and collecting points until the end of Saturday (wherever you may be) and then come leave your points here.

Let me know if you're leaving your points in total or your points since the last check in

I'm excited to see how everyone has done:D
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Sometimes it can be difficult to find new podfics, you *want* to try something new but it can be hard to know where to start.

Post a comment with a rec to a podfic you love and think is under-rated, check out other people's recs, try one you haven't listened to and leave feedback. Easy! Maybe the podfic you rec will even be one you discovered during the challenge!

Listen to a podfic rec'd in the comments and leave feedback for the reader, earn 10 points for each piece of feedback you leave
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So, this is a place to check in and log all the points that you've collected in the first half of the challenge. And if you're not collecting points but are still participating, comment and let us know how you're going!

Remember not to double count your points, if you've participated in one of the mini challenges you can't *also* count those points in the regular points scoring system for that particular piece of feedback.

I have *loved* seeing the little bits of non-traditional feedback pop up over the place and see people getting excited because they've received audio/video feedback<3
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It occurred to me that some people might misinterpret how to score points, so I'm just going to clarify and hope I haven't stuffed a bunch of you up:

You can't give yourself points for the challenges + points from the regular points scale.

ie: If you're claiming 5 points for being the first to comment (mini challenge 1) you can't *also* claim points for reccing (another 5 points). It's either/or.

Does that make sense? How many of you did I confuse by not clarifying this earlier?

Meantime: I'm loving see the # of pages of uncommented podfics shrink:D How's everyone going?
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There are currently 115 pages of podfic at AO3 that don't have a *single* comment. Not one. There are 20 posts on a page, so that's 2300 podfics that have been posted with not one single piece of feedback.

Your challenge is to sort by comments and listen to/leave feedback for podfic with no comments. Perhaps you may see a few that you've listened to already and it reminds you to leave a comment, either way, let's get that number down a little, yeah?

Successfully completing this challenge will earn you 5 points for each piece of feedback you leave

You can complete a mini challenge at any point throughout the 2 weeks and as many times as you like.

Let me know how you go!
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This is basically the same Intro post from last year with a few additions/changes

Just a short post giving you an idea what you can expect from the challenge and how it's going to work. This is also a great place to ask any questions and hopefully I'll have an answer for you:)

I think most podficcers are of the mind that any feedback is better than no feedback! So, while you might feel like you ought to write a multi-paragraph ode to someone's accent/style/technical genius, sometimes all you really have to say is that you enjoyed it. And that's ok!

Challenge yourself to leave some kind of feedback for every podfic that you listen to during the 2 weeks of the challenge and hopefully you'll be inspired by the mini challenges that pop up throughout to stretch your feedbacking skills even further.

If you're not sure what to say in your comments, check out [personal profile] klb's Podfic Feedback Toolbox: 5 ways to give great podfic feedback or hear it read aloud by [personal profile] knight_tracer. It has a nice variety of examples and is just generally an overall interesting post on feedback in podfic fandom.


For each piece of feedback that you give we're scoring as follows:

Leave basic feedback: 3 points
Example: Great job, I had fun listening to this!

Leave feedback with specifics about what you enjoyed: 4 points
Example: It was a treat listening to this while I was out walking today. I could hear the affection for the characters in your voice, and I loved the song you added at the end.

Leave feedback with specifics about what you enjoyed PLUS rec it somewhere accessible to fandom at large: 5 points

Places you could rec: your personal journal/tumblr/blog or a public reccing space like [community profile] podficpool

For the purposes of this challenge, giving a kudos/liking does not count as giving feedback and wont be counted in the points system.

There will be a post one week in and then another at the end of the second week where you can log your points and mini challenges posted every few days to boost your points.

At the end of the 2 weeks points will be tallied up and we will see who has been the most awesome at letting podficcers know how much they're loved.

In conclusion: listen to the podfics you normally would, give feedback, get points, join in on the challenges if you so desire, most importantly: have fun! ETA: The podfic you feedback *doesn't have to be ones you've listened to in the space of the 2 week challenge*, it can be a chance to catch up on your backlog.

Remember the challenge doesn't start until May 11th and ends May 25th
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For 2 weeks during May (11-25) I will be running the 2nd Annual Podfic Feedback Challenge.\o/The aim of which will be to encourage people to interact with and comment more on the podfic they listen to.

There will be mini challenges scattered throughout the 2 weeks with points to earn but you can ignore the challenges and just focus on your own regular listening + feedbacking and still participate and earn points.

We had 14 participants last year, let's see if we can beat that! Help promote the challenge and get other people interested!

Thank you to the delicious [personal profile] cybel for the promotional banner:)

Podfic Appreciation Challenge

If the html code for the banner doesn't work, lemme know, I'm a baby with this tech stuff:P
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Another year, another round of the Podfic Appreciation Challenge\o/

We ran for a month last year, I'm considering only running the challenge for a week this time, I'd love your feedback.

Poll #13373 A week Vs a month
This poll is closed.
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 17

How long should the challenge run for?

View Answers

A week with a mini challenge every day!
1 (5.9%)

2 weeks with mini challenges scattered throughout!
13 (76.5%)

A month with a mini challenge every week!
3 (17.6%)

Some other mysterious period of time I will refer to in the comments!
0 (0.0%)

Also: feel free to suggest ideas for the mini challenges or cast your mind back and tell me if there were any you hated from last year.


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