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Welcome to the end! The challenge ends at midnight Sunday night (wherever you are), so when you're ready tally up your points and leave your points here. Let me know if it's your final total or if it's just to be added to your points from last week.

Go hard during this last day!
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Sadly, we've reached the end of the 2 week challenge. You can continue leaving feedback and collecting points until the end of Saturday (wherever you may be) and then come leave your points here.

Let me know if you're leaving your points in total or your points since the last check in

I'm excited to see how everyone has done:D
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It's that time of the week, give me all your points!

If you've already logged points in last weeks Points Post then only give me the points you've added *since* then. Don't double up and confuse me horribly:)

A few people were at 100% feedbacking last week, that's awesome to see! It was also cool to see all the encouragement and support that went on between everyone in the comments of last weeks post<3


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