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It's been a week, time to check in with how many points you have so far so I can see where cantarina is at and how much i need to do to beat her shower you with praise and encouragement!

Comment on this post with your points, or, if you're not counting points, just let me know how you're going!
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So, how is everyone doing? Log your points here if you're collecting them, if not just let everyone know how you're going and which challenges you're enjoying the most.

Give me an opportunity to gush over you all (and crush my competition)
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So, this is the post where you check in with how you're doing so far and how many points you've accumulated and I get to gush all over you like the fool that I am:)

Personally, I've actually found doing postcard feedback much easier than I thought it would be, how about you guys?
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So, this is a place to check in and log all the points that you've collected in the first half of the challenge. And if you're not collecting points but are still participating, comment and let us know how you're going!

Remember not to double count your points, if you've participated in one of the mini challenges you can't *also* count those points in the regular points scoring system for that particular piece of feedback.

I have *loved* seeing the little bits of non-traditional feedback pop up over the place and see people getting excited because they've received audio/video feedback<3
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It's Saturday! Which means it's time for you to log all the points you've earned this week!

You don't need to provide 'proof' for your points, do give the Points summary below a re-read to make sure you're tallying everything correctly though:)


For each piece of feedback that you give we're scoring as follows:

Leave basic feedback: 3 points
Example: Great job, I had fun listening to this!

Leave feedback with specifics about what you enjoyed: 4 points
Example: It was a treat listening to this while I was out walking today. I could hear the affection for the characters in your voice, and I loved the song you added at the end.

Leave feedback with specifics about what you enjoyed PLUS rec it somewhere accessible to fandom at large: 5 points

And of course there's whatever points you earned from Mini Challenge #1! And remember that you can earn points for the Mini Challenges at any time during the month, not just during the week they're posted.

How is everyone going? Any particular challenges or triumphs you want to share?


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