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My fave challenge and a mainstay of the Podfic Feedback Challenge.

There are currently 154 pages of podfic at AO3 that don't have a *single* comment. Not one. There are 20 posts on a page, so that's 3067 podfics that have been posted with not one single piece of textual feedback.

Your challenge is to sort by comments and listen to/leave feedback for podfic with no comments. Perhaps you may see a few that you've listened to already and it reminds you to leave a comment, either way, let's get that number down a little, yeah?

Successfully completing this challenge will earn you 5 points for each piece of feedback you leave

Day 2 and it's down to 3063 uncommented works
Day 3 and it's down to 3061
Day 4 and it's up to 3062:O
Day 5 and it's down to 3048\o/
Day 6 and it's down to 3043
Day 7 and it's down to 3039
Day 8 and it's down to 3026
Day 9 and it's down to 3013
Day 10 and it's up to 3024 noooooooooo
Day 11 and it's down to 3019
Day 12 and it's down to 3015
Day 13 and it's down to 3007
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