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Back from last year, as it proved quite popular!

[personal profile] yue_ix suggested a cool way to rec things, so let's play a game:D

Leave a comment with a line (typed or pulled audio from the podfic) from one of your favourite podfics and then people get to guess what it is! Feel free to give clues or hints along the way. When they guess correctly I will add the link to this post which can be used as a rec.

1 point for leaving a comment with a line from a podfic. 5 points for being the first to correctly guess the associated podfic. 10 points for leaving a comment on a recc'd podfic

[personal profile] yue_ix quoted: Arthur - was a pillock. Arthur was clearly a pillock, because he knew perfectly well how Lance felt about Gwen. (Well anyone with eyes knew how Lance felt about Gwen (except apparently Gwen)). " and it was guessed correctly by the (probably cheating) [personal profile] cantarina as The Student Prince by FayJay

[personal profile] dodificus quoted: The sign above Eames' head says cumdumpster, with an arrow pointing down. Eames thinks he almost resents the spelling worse than everything else. and it was guessed by the unbeatable [personal profile] yue_ix as Written Up by anatsuno

[personal profile] yue_ix quoted: "I. hum. I should, though. I can't just move in until spring, can I." it's not a question. it's not supposed to be anyway. it's supposed to be rhetorical. but it comes out more plaintive than that.

"I'm in no hurry for you to leave," phil says, meeting clint's eye. he looks, and sounds, so genuine.
and it was guessed by the queen of podficdom [personal profile] paraka as by tinypinkmouse

[personal profile] paraka quoted: “—believe me, but I swear it's true!” He's still laughing, and it's a warm sound. “Our producer goddess has heard this story, I creepily took photographic proof for her and everything. Can anyone tell me they wouldn't do the same if they just saw Captain America in the street and got to shake hands with him? Oh, now I'm getting called a hypocrite, thanks—Captain America is not a vigilante, someone back me up here, I am pretty sure he's as government-sanctioned as they come.” and was guessed by [personal profile] lattice_frames as We Lost The Beat by knight_tracer

[personal profile] paraka quoted: "My mother made me tell her I used condoms, and my publicist congratulated me. I'm trying to decide which one was more disturbing." He looked at Carly. "Please tell me you guys didn't read it."

"Don't be ridiculous, of course we read it," Carly said. "We're going to print it out and read bits of it out loud on the bus all day. Especially the five paragraphs where she goes on and on about your—"

"Aaaaa!" they all yelled, and Carly smiled in victory."
and it was guessed by [personal profile] eileenlufkin as Time of Your Life by aphelant

[personal profile] paraka quoted: "I WAS BORN ON THE GOD DAMN SHUTTLE, YOU SON OF A BITCH," roars Jim, leaping to his feet. and was guessed by the vile [personal profile] cantarina as Graduate Vulcan For Fun and Profit by templemarker

[personal profile] paraka quoted: "Bloody secret service," Obtulowicz mutters, as Jones takes the papers to Captain Pevensie, who's been bringing up the rear. "We're sodding special ops, what do we need their sort for?" He pauses, taking a sip of water from his canteen. "Wouldn't trust him as far as I could throw him."

Pevensie draws level with them and says cheerfully "Wise decision. I certainly wouldn't."

They give him a long mistrustful look. Considering this is Pevensie talking, the original suspicious bastard... Ramsey sighs. "All right, Pevensie, how d'you know him?"

"My younger brother," Pevensie says, and grins, nodding at the spook, who's currently doing his best nonchalant act. "Doing the family name proud."
and was guessed by the delicious [personal profile] croissantkatie as Original Suspicious Bastard

[personal profile] paraka quoted: It takes some time before it becomes widely known that Bob's a woman and not a guy. She's at the back of the stage, and Gerard introduces her simply as Bob Bryar during shows, and the information creeps through the audience and fanbase slowly. It's refreshingly low-key and she owes Brian a thank you for being really fucking smart and knowing her really fucking well." and was guessed by the duplicitous [personal profile] cantarina as Not a Pretty Girl by opal

[personal profile] paraka quoted: Arthur shakes his head incredulously. "Would you like it in writing?" he asks sincerely. "I'll do it, you know. Dear Idiot, I've never so much as considered shagging anyone else and never will. I need a queen. Not a wife. And certainly not right now. Yes, I have noticed your completely unsubtle attempts at making a clean break--really, Merlin, a tower? You have to live at the top of a tower? When the fuck did we get a tower? It wasn't here before. You do not lie well. Go to sleep before I forget I'm not allowed to beat you to death. Love, Arthur." and was guessed by the seductive [personal profile] erica_schall as Job Orientation by eosrose

[personal profile] kalakirya left an audio quote here and it was guessed by the feels-like-she's-everywhere [personal profile] paraka as 10, 9, 8 Car by appellant

[personal profile] analise010 quoted: She tries not to beg, she always tries not to beg because it just encourages him. Given his druthers, Bucky's spent fucking hours kissing her cunt before, licking his own come out of her and licking lazily at her clit until she's sobbing, whole body a live wire waiting desperate to come. He'll stay at it until every touch hurts and then keep at it until that pain goes transformative and she comes screaming, thighs boxing his ears and her whole body seizing up. and it was guessed by here-she-is-again [personal profile] paraka as Feast by blackglass

[personal profile] analise010 quoted: "Well, I'm so glad we got that out of the way," Fury says, crossing his arms. "Now, I got bad news and I got stupid news. Which do you want first?"

"Is there such a thing as objectively stupid news?" Bruce asks.

"There is when it's this stupid," Fury replies.
and was guessed by the I-always-spell-their-name-wrong-but-not-today-satan [personal profile] kalakirya as Feed The Body Nourish The Soul which has been podficced by both reena and black glass

[personal profile] paraka quoted: I worry about my potatoes. Do they miss me? Do they understand that I only left them there because I had to? I cared for them no less than the other potatoes. and was guessed by [personal profile] analise010 as Gravity is a Harsh Mistress by black glass

[personal profile] duendeverde4 quoted: Trying not to draw attention, he farted as discreetly as possible a few times, which helped a bit. Luckily, nobody noticed. They were too busy squabbling about whatever it was that was currently riling them up. Something about hunter-humans and their shitty habit of breaking their own codes." and was guessed by surprise appearance of [personal profile] reena_jenkins as Wolf in the House

[personal profile] paraka quoted: "In the future, people could have robot soulmates, he supposed. He had never thought of it as a possibility before; he knew Jim hadn't had one. Maybe now they could build... human souls? No, that didn't make any sense." and was guessed by the bouncy [personal profile] duendeverde4 as Slipping Off The Page Into Your Hands by rscreighton

[personal profile] paraka quoted: Uh huh," Ghent said. "Did he bother telling you he's gotten fixated too?"

David stared at him.

"Excellent, very Gift of the Magi," Dr. Ghent said, which David didn't get, wasn't that, like, myrrh or something? What did that have to do with—? "I told him, now I'm telling you: your best shot at getting through this is to get laid as much as humanly possible. No more with the noble self-restraint."
and was guessed by the powerhouse [personal profile] yue_ix as Real Forever If by rhea314

[personal profile] paraka quoted: But because Rodney was a genius, he managed to come up with something.

The downside, of course, was that by the time the McKay brood settled down for one of those torturous family dinners later that night, everybody was already buzzing about Rodney's hot, stripper boyfriend.
and was guessed by the voluptuous [personal profile] anatsuno as Bell Curve by 2naonh3_cl2

[personal profile] paraka quoted: “I can tell you the color of everyone's underwear in this entire building,” William says, leaning forward conspiratorially. “And the last time they had sex, and who it was with, and who they were really thinking of when they came. I don't know now, but I could. Like that.” He snaps his fingers and Jon jumps.

Jon is trying to figure out if there's a smooth way to segue from this into asking how things are going in William's personal life when William stretches out and stands up. “See you next week,” he says cheerfully.
and was guessed by the prolific [personal profile] reena_jenkins as In Our Finest Year by growlery

[personal profile] paraka quoted: Of course, that first night when Erik jerks abruptly awake and finds his ceiling all of three feet from his nose, he admits this is unusual. But he's exhausted, training new recruits and trying to get funding and he does not have time for this shit. "If you make me spin until I vomit we are going to have very strong words, and I promise you will like me far less," he warns whatever is holding him up.

He is lowered, almost sulkily, back to his bed.
and was guessed by, you guessed it, [personal profile] yue_ix as Linger by Cath

[personal profile] paraka quoted: Rodney goes back to trying to look majestic – even if it's only the rainbow, it's good practice. and was guessed by old-school-sga-podficcer [personal profile] anatsuno as But Where Would They Live by thingswithwings

[personal profile] paraka quoted: Steve flings the door open and is greeting by the sight of the kid, naked and covered in swaths of color, standing on top of Steve's refrigerator, eyes gleaming with determination and the complete belief in immortality that a lot of kids seem to have.

"Wow, like a spider, or a monkey. A spider-monkey." Tony says. "Also, not a girl, huh."
and was guessed by the also-hard-to-spell [personal profile] analise010 as But the Heart by dapatty

[personal profile] paraka quoted: Steve could only stare at her. Was Emma actually implying Steve should take a shot at Namor before he officially got married? "Sow his wild oats," as Namor had invited him to do? It was so hard to tell with her, because her face didn't give anything away.

It didn't matter. Steve was never going there. Never never never.
and was guessed by [personal profile] reena_jenkins as Love Among the Hydrothermal Vents by rschreighton

[personal profile] kalakirya quoted an audio snippet: here and was guessed by [personal profile] idella as The Fandom Job: A Wank Report by knight_tracer

[personal profile] kalakirya quoted an audio snippet: here and it was guessed by [personal profile] reena_jenkins as Jaws by themusecalliope

[personal profile] analise010 quoted: PAUL: What did you make the pine flavor out of?

WILL: Well, I boiled some pine needles, and mixed the water with the cream—

PAUL: You put water? in your buttercream? Oh my God.
and was guessed by [personal profile] xdiorix as The Classified British Bake-Off by A WHOLE BUNCH OF PEOPLE.

[personal profile] analise010 quoted: She tries not to beg, she always tries not to beg because it just encourages him. Given his druthers, Bucky's spent fucking hours kissing her cunt before, licking his own come out of her and licking lazily at her clit until she's sobbing, whole body a live wire waiting desperate to come. He'll stay at it until every touch hurts and then keep at it until that pain goes transformative and she comes screaming, thighs boxing his ears and her whole body seizing up. and was guessed by [personal profile] paraka as Feast by blackglass

[personal profile] analise010 quoted: “Is it his time of the month or what?” Dean says before he realizes the amount of explanation that needs to come with that sentence.

“If he were in heat it would be easier,” Cas snaps and Dean suddenly has way too many questions about angelic biology.
and was guessed by [personal profile] kalakirya as Flock

[personal profile] kalakirya quoted an audio snippet: here and was guessed by the stunningly attractive and shockingly intelligent [personal profile] dodificus as No Lothario by me:D

[personal profile] kalakirya quoted an audio snippet: here and was guessed by [personal profile] analise010 as The Biennial Interdimensional All-Girl Swordfighting Tournament by silly_cleo

[personal profile] duendeverde4 quoted: "Hey girl,
The who in the what now?"
and was guessed by you-guessed-it [personal profile] paraka as When Fic Take On A Life Of Their Own by klb and cath

[personal profile] yue_ix quoted an audio snippet: here and was guessed by [personal profile] paraka as The Incestuous Courtship of the Antichrist's Bride by fayjay

[personal profile] paraka quoted: He explodes out of his seat, unfolding long legs and seriously, is he a million feet tall? It was bad enough on the Smallville set with Tommy being a fucking giant, but Jared's got to be six-five at least. "Hey, Jensen right? I'm Jared, it's great to meet ya." He extends one paw to shake and when Jensen meets it with his own hand, it feels like a bomb goes off.

Jensen's knees give out on him and he collapses on the carpet, breathing hard. He can taste adrenaline on the back of his tongue, and the room around him is too bright and too close at the same time as it's a million miles away. It's like there's been some grand upset in the universe and now suddenly the earth revolves around Jared, who's staring at him with similar wide-eyed shock and hasn't let go of his hand. "Seriously, what the hell?" Jensen demands on a breathy exhale.
and was guessed by UGH [personal profile] cantarina as Imprint by juice817

[personal profile] paraka quoted: Dr. Holloway arches a dark brow at him. "All right," he allows, and after a beat, says, "Colonel, sometimes arguments can escalate out of our control. The fight gets heated, we say things we regret--but it should never spiral into an unsafe situation."

John stares at him helplessly. "I--look, Doctor Holloway--"

Holloway smiles at him gently. "You can call me Ben."

John starts casing the exits nervously. "It's nothing. I just walked into a door."
and was guessed by [personal profile] yue_ix as Bang by rageprufrock

[personal profile] paraka quoted: It occurred to him that maybe he'd overdone it when he looked in the rearview mirror on the way back and saw the sea of kids in matching motorcycle jackets and Ray-Bans, but what the hell. Although it did pretty much kill all hope of pretending they'd just been out practicing how to drive.

"Never—in—my—life—!" McGonagall was saying, lividly red on the cheekbones.
and was guessed by [personal profile] reena_jenkins as Old Country by fayjay

[personal profile] paraka quoted: "Well, um," Rodney said feebly, realizing that possibly he was blowing his cover, and then he gave up and pointed at Morgenstern, "Look, you're the one who told me to go to a frat party!"

"You went to a frat party and tutored them in physics?" Morgenstern pulled out his chair and sat down and rubbed his face. "Of course you did."
and was guessed by [personal profile] reena_jenkins as Under the Sea by general_jinjur

[personal profile] paraka quoted: “You have a call from a regular customer,” says a voice on the phone.
“If it's blanket guy, you should maybe find someone else to send.” Foggy swallows. “I think he was getting a little too attached. Probably smart to cut that off before it gets bad.”
and was guessed by [personal profile] yue_ix as Just Wanna Take Him Home by dr_fumbles_mcstupid

[personal profile] paraka quoted: Steve took his shirt off.

Hit him hard! circled his upper arm.

The inside of his wrist, on his other arm, had a wavering apology: To all of you, sorry for everything...

On his jutting collarbone was another message, harsh, angry, black and jagged: You're a sore loser, Captain America.

There were more words across his back, running down his spine. Many more of them. He couldn't read those so well. But he knew what they said, each one.

"Oh," the doctor said, very softly. His eyes had gone wide.

"Yeah," Steve said, wearily. "'Oh.'"
and was guessed by the fresh young [personal profile] miss_marina95 as Do It Over by miss_marina95

[personal profile] xdiorix quoted: WHACK

"Oh MOTHERFUCKER!" Darcy screeches, grabbing her throbbing elbow. She tries to move and smashes into whatever the fuck is stuck in her bed again. "JESUS OW FUCK GOD DAMMIT."

Jane comes barrelling into Darcy's room, clutching Thor's whackadoodle god helmet like a weapon, swinging it over her head.

So basically, it's just how Darcy wanted to start her Tuesday morning.
and was guessed by [personal profile] kalakirya as sushi pyjamas read by shmaylor

[personal profile] xdiorix quoted: great, says esther. havin a banquet tomorrow night too. be there or be square

king ajldfghfdghk;dfghufgsdoi has no desire to be square, so he comes to the banquet tomorrow night to find that esther has also invited… HAMAN? “well,” he thinks to himself, “i have never pictured this threesome before, but y’know, life is a rich tapestry”

but eventually esther goes “ah okay remember that promise to protect me from anyone who would kill me. what if i told you. i knew a dude who would do that thing”

“I WOULD SUPER KILL THAT DUDE,” says king ahassafrass, who has exactly 2 problem-solving methods

“great,” says esther. “what if i told you… THIS IS THE DUDE.” AND SHE POINTS AT THE DUDE. WHO IS HAMAN. WHO IS AT THE TABLE!!!

!!!!! says king ahahahahhfewsse.

!!!!!! says esther.

¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ says human.
and was guessed by [personal profile] kalakirya as The Purim Story-with swears by chestnut_filly

[personal profile] duendeverde4 quoted: "Oh my lord," Iron Man said. "What exactly is it you think I do to convince Mr. Stark?"

"You know,” Steve said. “And I’m just saying, he’s a fine-looking man, he seems nice, so I would help, if you wanted. I could take over for a while. Of course, if it’s... consensual, that’s a different thing entirely — I’m not that old fashioned, you know — but if it’s not, if you’re trading yourself for toys for the Avengers, just... well, you shouldn’t have to, and it’s not worth it. To us.”
and was guessed by [personal profile] paraka as Reputation by jess and paraka

[personal profile] analise010 quoted: I shifted my hips, not certain how I should achieve it without stopping either of the two activities that were dragging out the damndest sounds from me--and Logan, I've never heard him sound like that before either. Sucked on one nipple--that was it, less in the area of denim we had to have. I reached down, got to my waist, started undoing my jeans--not easy as it sounds with most of that wonderfully hard, flat stomach blocking my access--and Logan caught my hands and pinned them to the bed. and was guessed by i-guess-if-you-have-to-have-a-nemesis-shes-an-ok-one [personal profile] cantarina as On Bluffing and It's Consequences by rscreighton

[personal profile] duendeverde4 quoted: "So, what are you allergic to, Ray?"

Ray's tired. This is his worst allergy attack in years. Figures it'd happen while he's out with a hot date. He takes as deep of a breath as he can before replying something that vaguely sounds like "penis".

Eyes half-closed, he sees Mikey mouthing the word until he jumps up.

"Ah, peanuts. You're allergic to peanuts." Mikey shakes his head. "You had me worried there for a moment."
and was guessed by the doesn't-know-how-to-link-to-their-guess [personal profile] cantarina as Datefail by argentumlupine

[personal profile] paraka quoted: “You must have made a good impression on him. My brother's students are even rarer than his lovers.”
“He said I was a hazard to everyone around me and threatened to turn me into a frog.”
“That means he is fond of you.”
“Really? Mostly he seemed annoyed.”
and was guessed by [personal profile] yue_ix as Kiddo by dangerouscommiesubervsive

[personal profile] greedy_dancer quoted: "Brother," Thor said, and Loki yelped and flung the spindle into the air; Thor just managed to catch it with one hand, and keep him from falling off his rock with the other. "I haven't been able to startle you in ages," he said, laughing as he righted Loki, and wondered even as he laughed: the sound felt easy in his throat.

"Yes, well," Loki said, laying down the spindle, "I wasn't expecting you. You'll be hungry."

"I am," Thor said emphatically. He sat down and turned his face up to the sun's warmth as Loki rose and went to a small stone cache built against the side of the cliff to take out food: flat cakes of journeybread and dried meat, and clay bowls full of preserves. Thor stretched long and pleasurably, yawning. "How long have I slept?"

"One hundred and twenty-six years," Loki said, laying down the food.
and was guessed by [personal profile] yue_ix as Athelas by tinypinkmouse

[personal profile] greedy_dancer quoted: Marcus is about to take a drink of water, his mouth dry from singing and laughter, and then entirely forgets to drink when Esca abruptly begins singing again, a lament this time. There is a roughness in his voice now that sends a shiver through Marcus.

Flame-bright queen of the Iceni
Let your chariot not break
Fire against the coming darkness
Let the sun be with your spear

Sleep, daughter of the Iceni
Cold the day Boudica fell
Rest, flame-bright queen under the mound
Cold in the cloak of your hair

They are silent for a long time when Esca finishes, Esca staring into the fire, Marcus staring at Esca. The song was beautiful and painful as a clean knife-cut, but the words—Marcus isn't sure whether to weep or rage, a cold stone settling into the pit of his stomach.
and was guessed by [personal profile] marianas as Until All The Songs Are Sung by ink junket

[personal profile] greedy_dancer quoted: So for a few torturously long seconds they just stand around going
at each other, and then Frank blurts out, “Nice to meet you,” and steps forward and holds his hand out to shake, like, what the hell, when did he become his Dad.
and was guessed by the creative [personal profile] yue_ix as This Never Happened by klb

[personal profile] greedy_dancer quoted: Tim Gunn says, "Designers, can I ask you to gather 'round?" at the start of one day, which is never good, but this time he hasn't come to inform them of a last minute upping of the ante.

Instead, Tim says, "I understand that all of you are passionate individuals, and I'm not one to stifle the manner in which you choose to express yourselves. That being said--" And here he tilts his head and looks at them over the tops of his glasses. "--we are running into the problem of having to censor large chunks of the workroom conversations and individual diaries due to excessive use of expletives."

Everyone stares at Tim in horror; a crazy addendum to the challenge would actually be preferable to what they know is coming.

"I'm asking all of you to be more judicious in your word choices from now on," Tim finishes. He stares each of them down, with that icy gaze of his which books no room for argument, then nods. "Carry on."
and was guessed by [personal profile] idella as Life On The Fashion Scene (multiple versions) by 2naonh3_cl2, klb, reena_jenkins

[personal profile] greedy_dancer quoted: “It’s the boiler,” Gerard tells him. That’s been his answer for everything, so far – what’s that weird noise, did you hear that clanking sound, what the fuck is that thing by the window that looks like a murderer/giant spider/giant, murderous spider. It’s seriously so dark Gerard couldn’t even see his hand if he was allowed to wave it in front of his face, or if he opened his eyes, which he is not doing, because so long as his eyes are closed, that’s why he can’t see anything. “I’m scared of the dark,” he says to Frank.

Frank says, “I know.”
and was guessed by [personal profile] idella as New Rule by shiningartifact

[personal profile] greedy_dancer quoted: "He told you his theory about the haunted island yet?" Mikey says over lunch on Tuesday, when Frank's finished telling him about how he spilled popcorn on the floor and Gerard wouldn't let him clean it up until he'd taken a bunch of photographs to sketch from.

Frank wipes his fingers on a napkin. "There's a haunted island?"

Mikey nods and swallows. "In the centre of the lake. Well, I don't know if it's actually haunted, but the story is that a bunch of girls went out there one night and never came back."
and was guessed by [personal profile] idella as Conclusions by rosekolodny

[personal profile] greedy_dancer quoted: From: Emma Stone (
To: Jesse Eisenberg (
Subject: Are you watching the Oscars???

Are you? Are you? Are you? He WOOOOOOOON!!!!!!!!!!!


From: Justin Bartha (
To: Jesse Eisenberg (
Subject: Best Actor In A Supporting Role

Your boy's all famous and shit now!!!!
and was guessed by [personal profile] yue_ix as The Giraffe Notes by lunchee

[personal profile] idella quoted: MONK #1: what was that one way
to get people to hook up
the logical one

MONK #2: oh that
very sexy plants
and was guessed by [personal profile] kalakirya as Two Monks Invent Fandom by kalakirya

[personal profile] marianas quoted: "Whatever," Brendon said, exasperated. "C’mere, Pete."

"Can't," Pete retorted. "I am a fine upstanding married man, with all sorts of vows and shit. You can kiss Patrick."

"The hell he can," Patrick returned placidly, and oh my god, this was seriously the stupidest fight in the history of ever, and Spencer could not believe they were actually keeping him awake for this.
and was guessed by the woman-whose-voice-id-most-like-to-have-sex-with [personal profile] erica_schall as Spencer Smith Saved My Gay Cred</a> by pennyplainknits

[personal profile] idella quoted: Rey learns other types of meditation with Luke. He makes her run until her legs ache and her mind is empty, up and down the steep paths around the temple, using the Force instinctively to keep her balance as she goes. He teaches her forms with the lightsaber (she still doesn't call it hers, though she thinks it's not his anymore either) that remind her a little of what she learned from the holographic man, but she's too conscious of the powerful hum of the thing, and the history behind it, to let herself sink easily into the Force. and was guessed by [personal profile] eileenlufkin as We Are Her and It Is Now by juniperphoeix

[personal profile] paraka quoted: Vedica freezes, and a moment later, as he realizes who this servant must be, so does Coveros. Vedica stutters, after a moment, "It's-- it's a slowing of certain, um, biological-- for difficult pregnancies, you see, sometimes, to stop her from bearing early, it's--" and he's heard her explain this dozens of times already, so he knows she's just clamped her mouth shut on "very useful in lambing time."

"Brilliant!" the deadly sorcerer enthuses. "I wonder if you might be willing to--"

"Merlin!" interrupts the King. "I can handle it myself from here. Go interfere with someone else's diplomatic process."
and was guessed by [personal profile] yue_ix as Mount Badon by jades fire

[personal profile] analise010 quoted: “Okay, I guess that makes sense.” Clint replied with a shrug of his shoulders. Phil gave Clint a half-smile before the archer turned around and resumed walking in the direction of his tent. Phil followed the archer’s lead, choosing to stay silent as much as possible. Though S.H.I.E.L.D hadn’t trained him for time travel, sci-fi movies, especially Back to the Future, had given him a basic idea of what not to do so his future stayed his future. and was guessed by [personal profile] yue_ix as Le Cirque de Chauffe by litre

[personal profile] analise010 quoted: "I can't read this," she says, suppressing a small shudder.

Rosa glares at her balefully. "It has words. In English."

"Yes, but they're really violent words," Amy says. "I can't handle chainsaw massacres."

"So what? You want a book about rainbows and kittens?"
and was guessed by *stares woodenly into the camera* [personal profile] cantarina as The Ladies Book Club of the Ninety-Ninth Precinct by analise010

[personal profile] the24thkey quoted: "You know what I think we have to prepare for?"

Mac raised his eyebrows. "What?"

"The fact that the last time we have sex here is very probably going to be the last time we have sex before we're sacrificed to the flames of the hungry Goat God of a bunch of developmentally disabled, kinky hillbilly Satan-worshippers. Or weren't you listening to the sermon?"

Mac squirmed. "I never was very good at paying attention in church."

Vic turned on his side and looked at Mac. His eyes seemed different. Bigger.


Mac swallowed. His breath came faster.

"What I'm saying is--" Vic started.

"Well." Mac nodded, and reached out hungrily. "When you put it that way."
and was guessed by [personal profile] cantarina as Happily Ever After by tinypinkmouse

[personal profile] the24thkey quoted: Davis and Jason looked sulky, but Harold was beaming. He was also clutching a large stuffed beaver to his skinny chest.

"I'm the Keeper of the Beaver!" he announced, cheerfully, placing the beaver on his pillow. "He said he liked my style!"

"I have a criminal record, you know." Davis was saying in an aggrieved tone.

"All that means is that you have a history of getting caught," said Rudy, crushingly, from the doorway to the counsellor's room. "Shape up..."

"Or you don't eat!" chorused the campers, giggling. Rudy raised his eyebrows very slightly, but said nothing.
and was guessed by [personal profile] idella as A Very Long Summer by calathea

[personal profile] originally_dw quoted: We all have someone we love to the point of ruin; Kawali could not stop death for Lehua and Tilly could not stop death for her children, death stole Jessica from her Sam and death stole Keisha from Kevin, and Mark will not let that happen to him.

He will not, he will not.

He is Mark Zuckerberg and he is Christopher Robin and for Eduardo, he will stop Death itself.
and was guessed by [personal profile] yue_ix as No Wealth and No Ruin by lunch

[personal profile] the24thkey quoted: “What is it this time?” Crosby says with a sigh. “Rookie contracts? Escrow? The make-whole provision?”

Alex thinks about that for a second, and decides he could actually stand to have make-whole explained to him again.

“Wait, really?” Crosby says, sounding totally surprised. “You’re not going to tell me I should get a lockout haircut or mustache, no suggestions on interior decorating?”

Alex thinks fondly on the shouting match they’d had about drapes. He still stands his ground that if he and Crosby shaved their heads it would make a totally sick statement.

“I need you to tell me about make-whole for real, but also I have a serious question about hair,” Alex says, and Crosby groans. “No, don’t make noises, I’m being very serious,” he scolds. “Do you think I should shave my head again, as warrior for justice?”
and was guessed by always-makes-me-think-of-apple-pies [personal profile] lattice_frames as Flip Shut Hang Up by knight_tracer

[personal profile] the24thkey quoted: “Help Desk call centre, this is Taylor, operator 4191. This is not a secure line. How may I help you?”

“Bloody fucking thank god,” James Bond snapped in a furious whisper. “Bond, James, agent 007, and if you hang up on me, I swear to Christ that I’ll rip out your intestines if I don’t get my arse shot off. Where the hell’s Q Branch?”
and was guessed by [personal profile] lattice_frames as Ordinary Numbers by holly

[personal profile] the24thkey quoted an audio snippet: here and was guessed by [personal profile] lattice_frames as In A Song by lunch

[personal profile] the24thkey quoted: They set up camp for the night at the base of a very, very tall tree, perfect for climbing in case of dinosaurs. They shared several packages of self-heating MREs around the fire they did not have, and Jensen, for once, didn’t have very much to say. Pooch produced a deck of cards from somewhere on his person, and started to deal everybody in.

“Go ahead,” said Jensen. “I’ll take the first watch.”

He returned the uneventful, agreed-upon three hours later, and found Clay and Aisha waiting for him. They were sitting in lightly chewed folding chairs of unknown provenance. Clay had his arms folded. One of Aisha’s guns was across her lap.

“Oh no,” said Jensen.
and was guessed by [personal profile] eileenlufkin as Mission: Dinosaur Adventures

[personal profile] yue_ix quoted an audio snippet: here and it was guessed by [personal profile] the24thkey as Murphy's Law

[personal profile] the24thkey quoted: “Who is this?” she demands.

“That... Ryan or Sharpay Evans?” her voice asks, and whoa, okay, that’s weird. Not that the rest of this day has been totally normal or anything, but that is really weird. “Because if it is, you need to know that having nametags sewn into your socks is not cool. It’s kind of helpful when other people get switched into your bodies and don’t know who the hell they are, but it’s not cool.”

“This is Sharpay,” she says, attempting to toss her hair back over her shoulder and becoming slightly disconcerted when she remembers that she lacks the hair to toss. “Who is this? Do you have my body? I need that.”

“I’m Dean Winchester,” her voice says. “From the sound of things, I’m guessing you’re in my body."
and was guessed by [personal profile] reena_jenkins as Not The Music In Me by counteragent

[personal profile] marianas quoted: Anyway, he does ask around, and maybe it's that he's asking covertly ('cause he isn't an idiot) or maybe it's that someone's fucking with him, but the answers he gets actively contradict each other. After five months, what he's got is:

* Coulson is a total douchebag who wouldn't know the business end of a gun if it sat him down to talk about tax returns.
* Coulson is so badass he once took down a rogue agent with a dandelion.
* Coulson has six senses: hearing, smell, sight, taste, touch and bullshit.
* Coulson has never done anything more taxing than paperwork.
* Coulson has no sense of humor whatsoever. (Clint knows this one to be false.)
* Coulson's pan is so dead it's become its own field of archeology. (Way more like it.)
* Coulson's just another senior handler.
* Coulson has no official position within SHIELD, but he's Director Fury's right-hand man.
* Coulson's never been seen wearing anything that wasn't a suit.
* Coulson's a giant Captain America fanboy.

That last one is honestly baffling
and was guessed by [personal profile] paraka as Catch Your Voice by regonym

[personal profile] lattice_frames quoted: They told stories. "His fiancee was a fairy princess who disguised herself as a farm girl to test the hearts of mortal men. But though she dressed as a lowly peasant her sapphire eyes sparkled in the sun, her skin glowed in the moonlight, and her gold of her hair outshone her crown. Humperdink trapped her with cold iron and spider silk for her dowry of fairyland and priceless gems and she wept tears of pearl every day of her imprisonment. However, a Knight of her lands risked his mortal life to rescue her. They had been betrothed in their youth but a childish quarrel had separated them. Nonetheless, he could not bear to think of his beloved in the hands of a monster such as Humperdink and his rage at the impertinent mortal granted him powers beyond the might of men. He stormed the gate, THIRTY FEET TALL and breathing fire and marched into the palace." and was guessed by [personal profile] idella as Unexpected Happily Ever Afters by totally-obsessed-with-me-it's-embarassing [personal profile] cantarina

[ profile] marianas quoted: “You regretting last night or--”

Cam’s mouth falls open and then he says, suddenly and furiously indignant, “What the fuck, no.” Eric’s just watching him now, waiting for more, so Cam obliges, spluttering, “I don’t--I wish it hadn’t been on the fucking floor, you deserve some goddamn furniture at the least but I’m not--I don’t want to take it back, for fuck’s sake.”
and was guessed by [personal profile] lattice_frames as Shiny and New by duckgirlie

[personal profile] idella quoted: But you don't get to where she is without being able to look at things from every angle, plan for every eventuality, and there was always the possibility that she would end up where she is now. Unmasked, and trapped. Now that her identity is known and her reputation has suffered the double blow of fallibility and femininity, she needs a new business model. and was guessed by the illustrious [personal profile] croissantkatie as The Evolution of Reptiles by croissantkatie

[personal profile] the24thkey quoted: "Their CO is a Major Evan Lorne — also stationed at said highly-classified research base in Antarctica but, and this was made abundantly clear to both Tony and I all three times we called — "

"Including the time Tony called pretending to be Admiral Mullen," Abby adds.

Gibbs shoots DiNozzo a poisonous look.

" — that there was no chance in any circle of hell we were getting him on the phone," Kate continues. But before Gibbs can start raising his voice, Tony cuts in:

"However, the military commander of the entire Antarctic base is apparently on leave and stateside, and he's been dispatched to come collect his men. Oh, and the base commander? Is Air Force." Tony grins: a million watts, enough to light Times Square for a decade.
and it was guessed by [personal profile] lattice_frames as Highly Classified and Very Hush Hush by kalakirya
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